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Friendship Flea is committed to protecting your privacy.

Your information will never be sold or shared.

Information is stored within the platforms and applications we use: Hubspot, Google Workspace, Wix and PayPal Business.


We use Hubspot for digital marketing and customer relationship management. You can find Hubspot's entire privacy policy here

We use PayPal Business to complete secure transactions for our vendors, so that sensitive data is protected. If a transaction takes place outside of Paypal at a vendor's request, that transaction may not be secure and is undertaken with the understanding of potential risk. All vendors sign an agreement when submitting forms. We also provide detailed terms and conditions on all invoices and transaction forms, prior to payment. We want our customers to be informed.

Please email if you need assistance with accessing an agreement or terms and conditions.

Any marketing-related information we track and store is for the purpose of improving our services and experience.

You will only receive marketing emails or texts if you have opted in to receive them either via our website form or a vendor application form. Any email or text you receive will have an unsubscribe option if you change your mind at any time.

If you are a vendor and have received vendor emails or texts, whether they be reminders or calls, you will be able to unsubscribe from those as well. If you do not see an unsubscribe option for any reason, please respond to any communication and let us know you would like to removed from our communications list.

Contact us with any questions or concerns at:

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