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(Full guidelines and event specifics will be sent along with vendor invites) BRIEF OVERVIEW OF NECESSARY SUPPLIES: 10x10’ canopy tent (required for outdoor events). Tent Weights (20lb minimum per leg required for outdoor events). We do not supply tents, tables, chairs, etc. and vendors are responsible for providing their own displays. A way to take payments from customers Battery-operated supplies and battery-operated lighting for Franklinton nighjt markets--we do not supply electricity unless you need it for an interactive element, in which case you would need to discuss options prior to booking or purchase as options are limited. Suggested supplies: A chair, printed signage, business cards or flyers, a printout with QR codes for payment, etc, tarps, tent walls, bungee cords, backup battery packs, charging cords, small bills for change, a trash bag to store trash until the end of the event


Our events are rain/snow-or-shine and the vendor fee is NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Friendship Flea does not have an indoor inclement weather backup plan unless otherwise specified. Monthly Franklinton and Clintonville fleas have specified backup dates. In cases of questionable weather, we will review the radar and make a decision before load-in on event day. The event will either be pushed to a later start time or, in extreme circumstances, will be postponed to the rain date if it appears the weather may be dangerous to vendors and/or their inventory. We do not transfer fees to future dates beyond the specified rain date. We provide thorough instructions and requirements along with a vendor agreement and detailed terms and conditions on invoices. We want all vendors to fully understand what they are purchasing and what is required of them.


We always try to have an eclectic vendor mix and try to stick to an artsy flea market vibe. We prefer to have vintage clothing and decor, antiques, oddities, curiosities, tchotchkes, records etc. as the majority of our vendors. We also feature art and handmade items that are on the unusual and alternative side . We especially favor artists and makers who incorporate nature, taxidermy, unusual themes and any vendors who have an interactive element. The weirder, quirkier, more out-of-the-box and unique, the better. These are just things we look for, and we do try to make sure we have a variety that appeals to a wide audience as well. We also like to have some intuitive vendors, card readers etc. We do also accept food, baked goods, candle and body care, as well as craft style vendors but this is a much smaller percentage of our overall vendor mix. We love our makers, but Friendship Flea is not a maker's market. We tend to try to feature makers who create unusual types of home decor that fit into our theme and style. Again, these are simply guidelines for each curation. Every location we partner with has a unique audience and needs.  Our selections are often made with these things in mind. There are many very talented vendors out there who may not be chosen simply because they don't quite fit the style and aesthetic we go for or because the category they're in is saturated. As tough as these decisions often are, we believe maintaining our curated vendor mix leads to a consistent experience for patrons and has allowed us to establish a brand and a loyal audience.


The vendor types and categories mentioned above. A thorough description of who you are, what you plan to sell and what your booth space will look like. Personality, humor and uniqueness. An active social media presence and established audience. Full social media website links and complete application forms. Evidence of past promotion and marketing. Photos of previous setups and products that give us an idea as to what your booth space will look like. New vendors! A social media presence is NOT a hard requirement. We love to have brand new vendors at our events. We rarely accept first-time vendors who do not provide photos or a thorough and detailed description of what their their setup would look like. If these two things are missing, you are more likely to be accepted if you are open to a shared space. We have a select amount of new vendors we add to each flea. 


**Please remember that our events are curated to have a  particular aesthetic. If your application has been rejected, we assure you it is not personal.  There is rarely one finite reason that an application may be rejected, and there are many factors at play. Our #1 goal when making vendor decisions is to create a cohesive and unique patron experience.**

POSSIBLE REASONS: The vendor category you fall into is saturated and we simply do not have enough space. (There is a specific percentage of each category that we try to stick to for each event) You did not follow instructions or provide enough details, links or photos of what you would be selling and/or what your setup would look like. We rely on the information you provide to decide how and where to place vendors in a way that will be attractive to the public and our host partners. Adding a new vendor to the lineup with little to no info on this is too risky for us as a new flea. You are a previous vendor or just participated in a recent flea and we are rotating new vendors in. Your style/aesthetic does not fit into our curation. You are a new vendor and we have already hit our goal # of new/first-time vendors. You are not active or engaged on social media. You did not not promote or market when you vended with us in the past. You did not follow rules or abide by the vendor agreement when you vended with us in the past. Your booth setup/merchandising does not look professional or coherent. We have received a large amount of applications, and we have not even had a chance to review your yet. You have repeatedly emailed and messaged us, and we are overwhelmed with applicants. If we receive many messages on various platforms from one applicant, we have to move that person to the back of the line and come back to all the messages and inquiries when we have more time. You applied late in the game, and we are waiting to se if we have any availability for you.


If you notice a particular vendor is always on the roster, there are a few reasons that may be: They steadily promote and bring their own unique audience. They help out S-J and/or work or provide a service in exchange for vendor space. They are nice, friendly, helpful, on time, professional etc. They are in a unique category of their own and/or fill one of our preferred vendor categories, especially oddities and curiosities.

Is there a question you'd like us to answer? Have some feedback?

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